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Recommended Products

As a sleep consultant and a mom, these are the products I've either tried & loved, or received rave reviews from clients and mama mentors.


The links below are affiliate links, and I will receive a small commission if you purchase. However, this does not in any way influence my recommendation. Please reach out if you have specific questions about any product!

**This page is still under construction so check back for updates and reach out if you're looking for something but don't see it listed here.**

Sleep Environment

Sound Machines

Superior sound quality + control from your phone via an app

My fav! No-frills sound machine with superior sound quality

Classic white noise machine with a real fan

Blackout Solutions

Blackout EZ Window covers - removable + 100% blackout

Original pleated paper shade - temporary blackout option

Amazon Basics portable blackout curtain - suction cups!

Video Monitors

Affordable video monitor - connects to phone via wifi

Affordable monitor (no wi-fi) with long range - +1,000 ft

Investment video monitor (no wifi) with option to add cameras

Other Environment Recommendations...

The indicator light shuts off after a few seconds, which is ideal

Illuminate surroundings without disrupting sleep (ages 2+)

OK to Wake clock for ages 2+

customizable & grows w/ your child

Babies & Young Toddlers

Wearable Blankets & Swaddles

Sleep sack with sewn-in lovies

Swaddle with velcro - appropriate for newborns who aren't rolling

Sleep sack / swaddle combo, safe for rollers. Cozy & enclosed.

Swaddle with a zipper - appropriate for 0-2 months

Wearable blanket - also available in microfleece for warmth


My fav from when my son was a baby!

The Honest Company - Lavender scent to promote sleep

Add an extra layer to diapers to prevent leaks

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