Hey! I'm Victoria

I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, a Certified Lactation Counselor, an army wife & veteran, and (my favorite title of all) a mama to the sweetest little guy, Logan. As a baby, he struggled to fall and stay asleep, and I struggled to enjoy motherhood. Through my sleep-deprived haze, I dove into every book and research article I could get my hands on. I was desperately searching for the answer, the way to get Logan sleeping so that I could sleep.


And it worked. We went from being up all night pacing the house and passing him back and forth, to watching him over the monitor get comfy and fall asleep all on his own. As he has grown and developed into a beautiful little boy, his sleep has changed in many ways and I have had to learn and adjust my approach to stay responsive and sensitive to his needs (and mine).

It was through this journey that I discovered my love for sleep and a passion for helping families. Sleep is a science, but parenting is an art. I truly believe that getting our little ones to sleep about so much more than what the internet and books tell us, or rigid, one-size-fits-all "rules". It's about meeting our children where they are, staying true to your parenting style, and respectfully making changes that feel sustainable and positive. Most importantly, it's about maximizing sleep for your little one and you!

As your family's sleep coach, I will consider your family's unique dynamic, your parenting philosophies, and your unmatched knowledge of your child. Lots of experts can preach to you, but no one knows your kiddo like you do. Let's team up and improve sleep for your entire family!